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IN Physician Associates IPA

IN Physician Associates IPA “IN” is an Independent Physician Association (IPA) comprised of several IPAs located across the state of California, currently serving Los Angeles and Orange counties.

IN’s business model was uniquely designed by leading managed care innovators to reduce Provider and Payer administrative efforts and to expand patient access by entering into one contract with practitioners and Health Plans on behalf of multiple IPAs.

IN recently partnered with a Restricted Knox-Keene licensed entity, Access Senior Healthcare, Inc., giving IN Physician Associates the opportunity to work with WellCare, Scan, and Humana in a global risk arrangement.

Provider Directory:
Corporate Address: 13200 Crossroads Pkwy. N., #315, City of Industry, CA 91746

Health Plans Managed by

Innovative Management Systems MSO

CleverCare –

Astiva –

Submit claims electronically through Office Ally Payer ID: INPA1 or Portal


Claim Mailing Address: PO BOX 2720, City of Industry, CA 91746

Phone: 323-800-8283

UM After Hours Phone: 800-285-6164

UM Fax: 833-643-1189

Health Plans Managed by

All Care To You MSO

Humana –


WellCare –

Submit claims electronically through Office Ally Payer ID: INP12 or Portal


Claims Mailing Address: PO BOX 4367, Orange, CA 92863

Phone: 949-750-2061

Affirmative Statement

IMS employees who are in the position to review, conduct, or make medical decisions are not influenced by financial incentives, bonuses, or additional compensation relating to the quality of, access to, or utilization of Health Care services rendered to members. Physician reviewers are not rewarded for issuing denials of coverage. All decisions are reviewed using evidence-based guidelines, criteria, and/or the members’ Health Plan/IPA Evidence of Coverage.

To discuss denials, criteria, or to obtain an appeal, please call our Customer Service team at 323-800-8283.

Obtaining Decision Making Criteria

Clinical criteria related to Utilization referral decisions are available to Members, Providers, and the public, and may be requested by contacting the IMS Utilization Management Department, or via fax, portal, or by phone at 323-800-8283.  The criteria will be delivered within one (1) business day of the request.

IPA Attestation