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Please see below for information relating to providers along with provider training.


Practitioners are encouraged to submit claims electronically through OfficeAlly or through our Provider Portal.

Office Ally payer ID:

  • IN Physician Associates (CleverCare and Astiva members): INPA1
  • IN Physician Associates (Wellcare, Humana, SCAN members): INP12
  • Northern California Physicians: NCPG1
  • Vitruvian Care: VUIPA
  • Pacific Associates: PAIPA
  • Infinity Physician Associates: INFIN

Hard Copy CMS 1500/UB04
Claim Mailing Address:

PO Box 2720
City of Industry, CA 91746

Claims mailstops:

1002: IN Physician Associates
1003: Vitruvian Care
1004: Pacific Associates Medical Group
1005: Northern California Physician Group
1006: Infinity Physician Associates

PDR: 120 days from initial payment determination.

Provider Portal: The portal can be used to check status on claims. Please log on by clicking here.


Innovative Management Systems’ Contracting Department serves an integral role in network management. Services include building, expanding, and maintaining a comprehensive physician and ancillary provider network to ensure that all necessary services are available to the patient population. Our Contracting Department carefully examines key aspects of each contract to protect our managed groups and patients’ best interests.

Interested in joining our network? Please send your inquiries to


IMS offers credentialing and re-credentialing for providers and facilities. The team conducts monthly monitoring of the network and maintains records to ensure all expiring documents remain current and up to date. IMS can assist with provider directories and work as the liaison between the payers and physician groups to ensure all changes to the network are updated within contracted time frames.

IMS works directly with CAQH, a NCQA accredited Credentialing Verification Organization and national self-attested Provider Database, housing one million completed records across the nation. If you are looking to build a network or join a network, utilizing CAQH can help expedite the process and save on administrative efforts. Most payers will accept the CAQH application in lieu of their Credentialing application. This means that participating Providers will never have to complete another Credentialing application again, reducing administrative burden.

Don’t have an account with CAQH? IMS will help you create one if you don’t have the time. Simply email our friendly Credentialing Specialists at to obtain assistance or visit CAQH to register your account. You can also re-attest to your existing account and/or provide IMS access to your account if global access wasn’t already provided.

The Credentialing Committee is a non-biased diverse group of Providers contracted with IPAs managed by IMS for peer review. The Credentialing Committee meets on a monthly and ‘as needed’ basis to review the completed files and to make appropriate recommendations to the Boards. IMS also provides continuous monitoring of all expirables and daily sanction monitoring.

Customer Service

IMS provides extensive training to our Customer Service team to equip them with the knowledge and tools needed to offer meaningful and positive member and provider experiences. Our team takes full advantage of each opportunity to speak to a provider, member, caregiver, or family member by using motivational interviewing techniques to better understand the reason for the call, and to successfully resolve issues on the spot. Our Customer Service application was strategically selected to offer additional information to our Customer Service representatives. This provides our team with a complete view of each caller, to assist in addressing the member or provider’s outstanding needs. Our Customer Service team will always go the extra mile for each call to ensure that every caller feels valued and important.

Our Customer Service team is equipped to provide the most up-to-date member information to our physicians who are calling about Eligibility. Our Customer Service team and online Provider Portal will offer Primary Care Physicians (PCP) real time eligibility lists and reports regarding Health Risk Assessments (HRAs).

Questions?  Please call 323-800-8283 to speak to one our Customer Service Representatives, Monday – Friday from 8:00 – 5:00 PM PT.

Provider Relations

IMS’ Provider Relations team works to support and keep our physicians current with managed care policies. By providing management services that assist providers with the administration of their practice, physicians can focus their attention solely on providing high quality care to their patients. Our Provider Portal’s advanced features ensure that Providers stay up-to-date with all of the latest information, have the ability to self-manage their accounts, and receive real-time status updates on authorizations and claims.

IMS’ Provider Relations team can assist physicians and office staff in the following areas of operations:

  • New Provider Orientation; Office Staff Training
  • Routine on-site visits to meet with physicians and office staff
  • Web Portal & Other Web Based Meetings
  • Solutions for utilization management, claims, capitation, eligibility, quality improvement, reimbursement, and other network operations areas
  • Quality/HEDIS/STAR measures resources
  • Compliance education and materials
  • State, Medicare, and/or Health Plan policy updates
  • Assistance with any demographic changes

Interested in adding a Provider or looking to join the network? Contact our Contracting Department at

Utilization Management

All decisions are reviewed by our UM Department using evidence-based criteria and guidelines, and/or based on the member’s Health Plan’s Evidence of Coverage benefits. To discuss denials, obtain an appeal, or discuss criteria please call our Customer Service Team at 323-800-8283.

Prior Authorization Processing Timelines:

  • Routine and Retro Authorization decisions and notifications will be made no later than 14 calendar days from the receipt of the
  • Expedited Authorization decisions will be made within 72 hours.

*Failure to prior authorize may result in an administrative denial of the claim with no review of medical necessity.

How to Submit Prior Authorizations:

Please submit your prior authorization requests through the provider portal. If your office does not have portal access, please complete the Portal Request Forms for the IPA you require access to:






You may also submit prior authorization requests through fax using the Authorization Request Form. Please contact our Customer Service Department at 323-800-8283, if you would need a fax template.

Fax Numbers for Prior Authorization Submissions
IPA FAX Number

For Standing Referrals, please fax the following to the UM Department at 323-798-3031:

*For a copy the Standing Referral P&P, please contact our Customer Service Department at 323-800-8283 or email us at

Obtaining Decision Making Criteria

Clinical criteria related to a utilization decision is made available to Members, Providers, and the public, and may be requested by contacting the Utilization Management Department. Requests may be submitted via fax, portal, or by phone at 323-800-8283 or toll free at 1-800-285-6164.

Affirmative Statement

IMS employees who are in a position to review, conduct, or make medical decisions are not influenced by financial incentives, bonuses, or additional compensation relating to the quality of, access to, or utilization of health care services rendered to members. Physician reviewers are not rewarded for issuing denials of coverage. All decisions are reviewed using evidence-based criteria and guidelines, and/or based on the member’s Health Plan’s Evidence of Coverage benefits.

To discuss denials, obtain an appeal, or discuss criteria please call our Customer Service Team at 323-800-8283.

For a copy of the IMS Affirmative Statement, click here.


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) was created primarily to modernize the flow of healthcare information, stipulate how Personally Identifiable Information maintained by the healthcare industries should be protected from fraud and theft, and to address limitations on healthcare insurance coverage.

For more information on HIPAA compliance, please contact us at 323-800-8283.

Notice of Privacy Practices

This notice is effective October 1, 2020. Please note that Innovative Management Systems (“IMS”) never markets or sells personal information.

Provider Portal

There are two types of accounts for the Provider Portal: Administrative Access account and one for a Restrictive Access account. Please fill out a form for each staff member at your organization who will need access and send it back to If you have any issues or questions, please call IMS MSO at 323-800-8283. Once the account is created, an email with the log in information will be sent to the respective user’s email address.

    • The Administrative Access will encompass all the modules in the restricted access but also have the all admin rights. Administrative Access is for the Doctors, Office Managers or Owner who will want to have full overview of all the activity going on. Individuals with full access will be responsible for managing all the permissions for everyone within your office, such as adding/removing users, resetting passwords for anyone in the office including 3rd party billers or other vendors. You may also have more than one person with Administrative Access as well.
    • The Restricted Access is for individuals in the office who have specific roles such as front/back office staff, who may only need partial access limited to the following:
      • Authorizations – (Submit, status, access to approval/denial letters)
      • Payment Information
      • Claims (Institution) – (claims status, if your organization uses a UB form to send in claims)
      • Claims (Professional) – (claims status, if your organization uses a 1500 form to send in claims)
      • Eligibility






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