Joining Our Network

Please send your inquiries to with a copy of your W9 and CAQH number (if available).

Getting Credentialed with CAQH

IMS works directly with CAQH, a NCQA accredited Credentialing Verification Organization and a national self-attested Provider Database, housing one million completed records across the nation. If you are looking to build a network quickly, or to join a network quickly, CAQH is your answer. Most payers will accept the CAQH application in lieu of their Credentialing application. This means that providers will never have to complete another Credentialing application again, decreasing provider administrative burden.

If you do not have a CAQH number, you can easily create an account by clicking the link below:

If you already have a CAQH number but have not logged on in the last four (4) months, please be sure to re-attest to your data by clicking the link below:

Provider Portal

Contracted and looking to access our Provider Portal?

Please email our Provider Relations team directly at to receive account log in information.

Already have access to the Provider Portal?

Log in to your account to send email inquiries directly to our Utilization Management, Claims, Contracting or Provider Relations departments. Check on claims status or authorization status and pull your own approval letters and eligibility reports all within our Provider Portal.